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Dr Srinivasa Nagappa

Dean Agricultural Entomology - Agricultural Acarology, ... View Profile

Mr Manja Naik, C.

Professor Entomology... View Profile

Dr K. Murali Mohan

Professor Population ecology, Insecticide Resistance Managem... View Profile

Dr Shivanna B

Professor Agricultural Entomology... View Profile

Dr Jemla Naik D

Professor Agricultural Entomology... View Profile

Prof Mohan I Naik

Professor Insect Biology, Vertebrate pest Management, Integr... View Profile

Dr Chinnamadegowda C

Professor Entomology... View Profile

Prof Thippaiah M

Professor Agricultural Entomology... View Profile

Dr Prakash K V

Associate Professor Taxonomic studies on Indian Scarabaeidae, life his... View Profile

Mrs Sumithramma Narayanappa

Associate Professor Insect Ecology and Pest Management ... View Profile

Dr Rajanna D

Associate Professor Integrated Pest Managemengt... View Profile

Dr Sunitha T R

Assistant Professor Pest Management... View Profile

Dr Narasa Reddy G

Assistant Professor Toxicology, Pest Management, Apiculture, Residue A... View Profile

Mr Shridhara M

Assistant Professor Agricultural Entomology... View Profile

Dr Sugeetha G

Assistant Professor Acarology, Insecticide Toxicology, Insect Pest... View Profile

Dr Shivaray Navi

Assistant Professor Entomology ... View Profile

Dr Safeena Majeed A A

Assistant Professor Insect and mite taxonomy, DNA barcoding, molecula... View Profile

Dr Keshavareddy G

Assistant Professor Bt Transgenics and Host Plant Resistance ... View Profile

Kitturmath, M.S.

Assistant Professor Rice Entomology, Insecticide Toxicology ... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Prasad B S

Scientist B Insect-Plant Interactions, Chemical Ecology, Insec... View Profile

Mr Manoj H

Scientist Integrated Pest Management... View Profile

Dr Dharshini G M

Scientist Entomology... View Profile

Dr Nagaraja T

Scientist ... View Profile