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Dr Swapna G.

Professor Agricultural Microbiology... View Profile

Prof Umashankar N

Professor Biocontrol, PGPR, Mushrooms and Bioenergy... View Profile

Dr Tamilvendan Kannan

Professor Microbial inoculants, Bio control of Plant Pathoge... View Profile

Dr Mallesha B C

Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Dr Krishna Naik L

Professor Bio fertilizer in crop production, Plant growth pr... View Profile

Prof Earanna N

Professor Mushroom Technology, Biofertilizers, Molecular Phy... View Profile

Prof Suvarna V C

Professor Fermentations, Probiotics... View Profile

Prof Nagaraju K K

Professor Mushroom, Biofertilizer... View Profile

Dr Girisha H C

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Lakshmipathi R N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Asha N N

Assistant Professor Biofertilizers, Soil and Applied Microbiology, Was... View Profile

Mr Gowda P A

Assistant Professor Mishrooms and Biofertilizers... View Profile

Dr Muthuraju R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile