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Prof Nagaraju N

Professor MYMV, ToLCV, ChLCV, Induced Ressitacne, Resistance... View Profile

Prof Nagaraja A

Professor Plant Pathology, Fungal Pathology... View Profile

Dr Ravichandra N G

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ramappa H K

Professor Plant Diseases, Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Govindaraju, C.

Professor Plant Protection... View Profile

Dr Karuna K.

Professor Diseases of Sunflower... View Profile

Prof Somasekhara Yelahanka Muniyappa

Professor Mycology... View Profile

Dr Narendrappa T

Professor Fungal Plant pathology, Biological Control... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh

Professor Bacteriology... View Profile

Prof Sanath Kumar V B

Professor Plant Pathology and Mycology... View Profile

Dr Palanna K B

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Mrs Prameela H A

Associate Professor Plant Virology... View Profile

Dr Lakshminarayana Reddy

Associate Professor Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Nirmala K S

Associate Professor Tissue Culture, Molecular markers, Floriculture, P... View Profile

Dr Kiran Kumar N

Associate Professor Biological Control of Plant Diseases, Rice Patholo... View Profile

Dr Manjula C P

Assistant Professor Bacteriology, Sunflower Pathology... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha H

Assistant Professor Diagnosis of Plant Diseases, Biological Control of... View Profile

Dr Mahesh M

Assistant Professor Mycology and Plant Pathology With Special Emphasis... View Profile

Dr Kavitha T R

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology and Nematology... View Profile

Dr Mallikarjuna Nanjundappa

Assistant Professor Mycology, Fungal Pathology, Maize Research, Diseas... View Profile

Dr Jahir Basha C R

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology ... View Profile

Dr Nandan M

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Chethana B S

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Pankaja N S

Assistant Professor Virology and Biological Control... View Profile

Mr Umashankar Kumar

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Raveendra H R

Plant Pathologist Pathology ... View Profile

Mrs Padmaja Attiganal Seetharamu

Scientist Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Manjunath B.

Scientist Plant Protection, Diagnostic services... View Profile

Dr Pavithra S

Scientist Plant pathology, Mycology ... View Profile

Dr Swathi B

Scientist Plant pathology... View Profile

Dr Bapurada Pompanagouda

Senior Technical Officer Plant Pathology... View Profile